Legally Blonde – Mayflower Theatre 14-18 November


Review by Sarah Miatt

You would have to be pretty hard-hearted to not be at least a little bit entertained by this bright and energetic production of Legally Blonde. Based on the 2001 film of the same name, it is the heartwarming tale of Elle Woods, a rich, blonde, airhead sorority girl from California who follows her snake of an ex boyfriend to Harvard Law school proving along the way that she is anything but an airhead. The production is uplifting and heartwarming in equal measure.

The whole look of the show is very bright and colourful and, as one would expect, incredibly pink. The use of the sorority girls as Elle’s Greek chorus was a nice touch although they could have used slightly less of the smoke effect that on occasion hid the girls from view. The set is well used and works well with the excellent lighting.

Photos by Robert Workman

A very enthusiastic company who are clearly in love with this show. Particular highlights included Oh My God You Guys, Bend and Snap and Gay or European which was a hilarious sequence set in the court room.

Lucie Jones, as Elle has a beautiful voice and acted the part brilliantly. Although she could have been a little more vacuous in the beginning she performed with both humour and emotion. She had excellent chemistry with David Barrett as Emmett Forrest who was both loveable and funny. Liam Doyle was suitably slimy and chauvinistic as Warner Huntington the third the nasty ex boyfriend.

Helen Petrovna as Brooke Wyndham was especially impressive with her high energy jump rope sequence where she sang and jumped at the same time without breaking a sweat. Whilst Rita Simons as beautician and Elle’s best friend Paulette was a revaluation. Her on point accent and comic timing along with her power house voice was incredible.

In summary this is a great show for anyone who has seen the film and even people who haven’t. It is very colourful, full of energy and people who clearly love performing it.